Orten Was The Case - Is a single player, lore driven, detective/puzzle/adventure game with a time loop mechanic. Set in Orten, a suburb to a fictional swedish metropolis in the mid 1990s.

Welcome to Orten!

 You will be controlling Ziggy, a simple guy in his early teens with no highflying ambitions whatsoever. He wakes up after a blackout seemingly clueless of what has happened. Soon he will discover he's stuck in a time loop.

The mysteries below

What did the miners in the Gravel Pit uncover that day 60 years ago? Who are the Midnight Council? Can you break free from the time loop and why are you stuck in it in the first place?
Make your way down the deepest caves and tunnels below Orten and not only answers will await you...

A dynamic world...

Happenings and events unfold dynamically as time passes by. NPCs living their life and doing what they do, each loop is the same. Unless you can change the outcome of things...
Solve puzzles, find hidden passages, collect clues and talk to the inhabitants in Orten. Someone, or something must have the answers needed to break free from the loop.

Put on your Tin Foil Hat and get exploring!